About us

The Pathway To Our Goals

We want to empower families and communities; to collaborate with & help those in real need in today's society; to support self-sustainable and healthier lifestyles with solar PV installations for homes and businesses, as well as our zero-emission products in our ecommerce store.

Revenue from our solar installation projects, as well as solar & aquaponics products in our ecommerce support. To help our planned development program for customized solar-powered modular homes featuring integrated solar-powered aquaponics. These homes are ideal for recreational and residential properties, as smaller homes donated to the homeless and those in desperate need, as well as relief aid for displaced individuals, families, and communities.

By collaborating with other companies and organizations, we will be able to help on a personal level, and at the same time help produce for world markets in the Agriculture and Healthy Organic Food sector for all levels.


A zero emission future does not mean one where we must give up fun and go without. Solar technologies are showing us how our healthy future may look.

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A Timeline

• 2012 Newly Certified as a PV Technical System Installer

• 2012 Ran an Interactive Workshop at the 'If I Ruled T.O.' Youth Summit in Toronto where I introduced Solar Technology by Certified Solar. I was lucky enough to talk to Akon of Akon Lighting Africa, about Solar Tech and Oliva Chow about her home design that was reaching for 100% sustainability

• 2012-2013 Gained valuable experience working at Certified Solar, AB Solar, and other Canadian installation companies

• 2014 Jan 10 Power From Within Clean Energy Society (PFWCES) was Born

• 2014 PFWCES Promoted Solar PV installation for the Micro-FIT and Net Metering Ontario program to major companies head offices, churches, food banks, elected politicians, and co-op housing organizations. For example TTC, Home Depot, Metro Zoo, Home Hardware, and Leons were among the more well known organizations approached

• 2015 Worked on my first 500kW Baluster system on a commercial rooftop

• 2015-2016 Helped install up to 2MW of rooftop solar baluster systems

• 2016 Managed maintenance and repairs on 3 schools within the GTA, 2x80kW and 1x60kW roof mount systems

• 2016 Feb 10 Appointed as Renewable Energy Adviser for the National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC) by Raphael Louis, the NCPC party leader

• 2017 PFWCES went to media to promote Solar Powered Aquaponics, Solar Installation for commercial and personal use while advertising zero-emission products

• 2019 Opened www.pfwces.org a new website for the PFWCES Not-For-Profit allowing us to develop a pro-bono food shared program to benefit communities and the homeless and develop training programs for those with an interest in skilled trades

• 2020 March 17 I was to be the main Speaker at the Green Connection Network at a Dish Event in Aurora, Ontario, for Liz Couture; cancelled due to COVID

• 2020 We have about 65,000 followers to date in over 90 countries mostly here in North America and growing.