The system consists of a 200-gallon fish tank (with viewing window), filtration system, sump, media beds, and deep water culture bed. The fish and filtration system will supply water and nutrients to the grow beds. Having both media and a deep water culture-based system allows for the production of a variety of vegetative and fruiting crops. To produce crops at optimal rates, a full-coverage grow lighting system is also included.

Fish System

200-gallon Fish Tank:

  • 90 lbs of fish produced each year
  • Assuming 1.5 lb harvest weight = 60 fish per year

Plant System

2 Media Beds:

  • 18 sq ft
  • 1 plant per 4 sq ft
  • 4 plants
  • 45 lbs per plant
  • 180 lbs tomatoes annually

1 Deep Water Culture Raft Bed:

  • 9 sq ft
  • 3.5 plants / sq ft
  • 31 plants per bed
  • 333 heads of lettuce per year
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